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About Us

Center of Influence empowers entrepreneurs and business leaders around the country to get involved with weekly experiences online and in their communities. We give you the experience and tools to Connect, Energize and Grow by cultivating and deepening key relationships, developing targeted alliances of business communities, and discovering relevant, innovative mentors and masterminds.

Our Mission

Our passion is to build communities of entrepreneurs and business leaders who promote personal and professional growth through a proven approach of unique experiences, impactful relationships, and an abundance of opportunities.

Core Values & Focus

Center of Influence hosts CEOs, Inventors, Investors, Startups, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and so much more.

Our members gather at various experiences to receive inspiration and support which encourages and pushes them to the top of their industry's cutting edge. There are also many members in the development or incubator stages, finding mentorship, investors, and other support systems within our communities.Our community contains various experts in fields of intellectual property, business development and management, marketing, and funding; virtually anything you might need to move the needle for your business.

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Be a Giver
  • Provide value before receiving anything.

  • Genuinely be happy to help others; don't think of it as a "have-to".

Be Impactful
  • Do what you say

  • Know your limits

  • Finish what you start

  • Fully deliver

Be Energizing
  • Encourage individual ability and creativity.

  • Have authenticity

  • Have a Hunger for achievement

Be an Example
  • No arrogance allowed

  • Know your stuff

  • If you don't know, it's ok!

  • Be vulnerable. It exhibits modesty and humility alongside confidence.

Sponsors and Partners:

Leadership Team

Chris Johnson

Chief Relationship Officer; Founder

Chris is a dreamer who believes in doing good in the world and creating opportunities for others in business go hand in hand. A lifelong learner and a believer in meaningful, long term relationships, Chris leads with enthusiasm, humbleness and trust in his personal and business spheres. His manifesto for life is “true success lies in advancement of others and money and influence are mutually exclusive."

Paige Weber

Content Specialist

Founder of ShineThru LLC, a branding and marketing company, Paige helps businesses stand out amongst a sea of digital competitors. After years of agency and director-level marketing experience, Paige had successfully built, launched, and scaled the brands and marketing efforts for dozens of businesses, from multi-million corporations to start-ups.  

Patrick Smith

Branding Team Lead

Founder of C2 Creative Studio, a leading branding consultancy, Patrick has been leading creative teams across several verticals for over 10 years. A strategic partner from start to finish, he partners with clients to uncover the big idea, bring it to life, define success, and build a plan for the future.

JC Preston

Marketing Platform Engineer; Super Connector

Co-Founder of Brushfire Marketing, JC has over 15+ years of experience in marketing engineering including website design and content management. As a connector of amazing people and great ideas, he has been on teams of multiple startup initiatives.

Center of Influence is an altruistic centered network of entrepreneurs and industry leaders with a focus on growth, development, and networking opportunities.

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